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ontimetraining.com offers the most complete and cost-effective training solutions to corporate America. Inside our new headquarters building, we have multiple course design teams consisting of the most talented and experienced curriculum developers, graphic designers and web programmers. Led by our instructional designers (PhDs), these teams are producing new web-based training courses on a continuous basis. It's an extensive operation, but because our clients revere our pursuit of the leading edge in training content and technology, we are committed to the process.

Why such a strong commitment to training technology and web-based training? Frankly, traditional training methods no longer meet the demands of the rapidly changing business world. They consume valuable time and keep employees away from their work at great expense to businesses.

The cost of providing traditional forms of training to a dispersed employee or customer base are no longer competitive, and can no longer be justified. Training solutions that use the Internet make economic sense; and soon, all U.S. companies will be using some form of web-based training.

At ontimetraining.com our philosophy is to equip our clients with the means to empower their employees, customers and suppliers with a state-of-the-art-training infrastructure. From this foundation of learning and applied knowledge skills, our client companies see their employees transformed into a focused and loyal work force championing the corporate goals.



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