To maximize results, every detail must contribute to a training program's effectiveness. Is it written in plain language so the concepts and details are easy to understand? Is it organized and structured so the information is easy to remember? Does it provide students an opportunity to apply what they've learned to their jobs? Are the instructions clear and easy to follow?

Most importantly, do students feel comfortable with the content? Do they feel they're gaining real value for their efforts? Are they confident their training experience is worth the time they're investing?

With our web-based training courseware, the answer to all of the above is YES!

  • Our courseware is based on the unique insights and knowledge nationally recognized Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Experts in their fields, with proven track records. So you know you are learning from the best and most talented experts available.

  • Each course follows a proven organizational path, leading the student through the subject matter in a logical progression, each segment building on previous segments. Also included at the end of each course is a list of resources for further study, a final Assessment (exam) to determine how much each student has learned, an Assessment Response page that tells the student his or her score and links to a course evaluation page, and a glossary of definitions for specialized terms.

  • Information is presented in short, retainable segments. The learning segments are clearly identified by descriptive headings. As students move between segments, clear transitions reinforce the primary learning objective of the current module and set up the module to follow. Page designs are attractive and easy to read. Multimedia features (animation, video, and sound) are included where needed to help enhance understanding.

  • To make the student feel at ease and comfortable, a friendly, conversational, and enthusiastic style is used. The courses are written with great sensitivity to readability and standard rules of usage. Sentence construction varies, with short sentences preferred. We strive to create a sense of conversation, of shared experience, to which students relate easily. Once in a while, we may even inject some humor.

  • For maximum effectiveness, students must be able to apply what they've just learned. Throughout each course, we incorporate numerous application exercises. This lets students relate topics of discussion back to their own workplace situations. Scribble Pad notes, action plans, worksheets, checklists, workplace scenarios and more are used to illustrate, integrate and reinforce what they've learned.

  • To complete each course, students must complete various steps to achieve each goal. We provide clear, step-by-step guidance along the way to ensure student success.

Curious to see for yourself how our web-based training works? Selecting the "Demo" button will enroll you in a course demonstration.

To download a PDF version of a White Paper entitled Connections in a Tangled Web - Web Training that Works by Jacqueline Justice, PhD and Judith Dulberger, DA, right-click here (control-click on Macintosh) and save the file locally.


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