Your people will appreciate how simple and easy it is to use our web-based training. We supply a login card for each enrolled student, containing the student's name and an account number. The student simply calls up our web site,, and logs in using his or her name and the account number on the card. The courses you have selected for that student are then available for learning.

Students can log in any time, 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year. They can take the selected courses in any order they choose. They can work through an entire course at one sitting, or they can take time for just one segment. Later, they can go back and retake a segment or a course as a refresher. Since the World Wide Web is the delivery medium, the training they need is always available, anytime, anywhere.

And the enrollment process is simple, fast, and easy for you too. Just select the courses you want through our training listing page, then identify which students should take each course. We use this information to set up a database for tracking and reporting each student's progress. Click here to find out more about our Assessment Manager tracking and reporting software

To download a PDF version of a White Paper entitled Connections in a Tangled Web - Web Training that Works by Jacqueline Justice, PhD and Judith Dulberger, DA, right-click here (control-click on Macintosh) and save the file locally.


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