Surfing the Web you quickly discover that any site, no matter how impressive, is ultimately only as good as its content. That's why we work non-stop to make sure you have the best content and courses all by the nation's leading experts, through our state-of-the-art web-based training technology. You get the maximum return on each training dollar.

As we see it, real value in a training program comes down to two key issues:

  1. What do students retain from the training experience?

  2. How does the training program make administration easier, accurate and more effective?

Ideally, students should come away with new knowledge and skills to help them do their jobs better. And providing such training (and just as importantly, tracking the results) should be simple, quick and easy.

To make sure your students truly learn and gain expertise, all of our web-based training programs are produced under guidelines developed by our in-house, PhD-level instructional design experts. From the content outline to the style of writing, from the "look" of each screen to the use of multimedia, from the pace of learning to the structure of the final assessment, everything is designed to enhance the student's experience and maximize his or her results.

For more details, visit our Instructional Design page.

To make administering our training a breeze, and tracking its results painless, we've developed a simple student enrollment process and our proprietary Assessment Manager software. You enroll your people to participate in our on-line, web-based training whenever it's most convenient for them, and then we automatically track their progress for you. At any time, you can look up who has taken what courses, when, how much of each course they have completed and how each scored on the final assessment including pass, fail, or even if it has been taken.

With our easy enrollment and full-time automatic results tracking, you'll worry less about whether your people are learning. So you can spend more time and effort on other important aspects of your job. For more details visit our Enrollment Process.


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