You can offer your members web-based training today, and receive continuing residual revenue every time members take a course—anytime, anywhere.

Your members look to your association as the key source for education, as a medium for networking, and as a resource for leadership and growth. Ongoing training for your members keeps skill level knowledge up-to-date, benefits that drive them to continue their memberships. High-quality specialized training is one of the core reasons memberships in your organization can continue to grow and prosper.

Associations need to offer a complete menu of training solutions. In today's fast-paced world, live trainings are becoming more difficult to schedule and arrange. In fact, organizations are using fewer live presentations every year. Next year, 70% of American corporations will be using some form of web-based training. To stay competitive, your training materials had better be "out there" and available on the web.

With, you can begin offering web-based training now.

First, our instructional design teams will turn your outlines, training manuals, and other support material into dynamic and compelling web-based training courses. We'll get your courses online quickly, and even create a unique home page from which your organization's web-based training will be accessed. Plus, your association receives revenue for every course taken.

Second, if your association has workbooks, CDs, audio and video tapes, we'll offer those for sale through your home page, set up the e-commerce, and also offer your organization's material through the super store. We'll even post the dates and locations of your upcoming events and live presentations.

Third, you can offer other courses to your members at a members-only discount. In addition, you'll receive continuing residual revenue every time one of your members takes a course!

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